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Self-Service Portal

The Cisco SD-WAN Self-Service Portal is a cloud-infrastructure automation tool tailored for Cisco SD-WAN, which provides a quick way to provision, monitor, and maintain Cisco SD-WAN controllers on public cloud providers.


The SD-WAN Self-Service Portal (SSP) was created to streamline the process of requesting, deploying and managing SDWAN overlays. The old process required a lot of manual intervention to initiate an overlay request. Unfortunately, this process was lengthy and took anywhere from couple of days to a few weeks. This process also had the downside of the requesters not being able to manage their own overlay.

SSP aims to be a one-stop-shop for all these activities where the requester can initiate a request. Once approved, the overlay will auto-deploy within a couple of hours. It also gives the additional benefit of the user to manage their own overlay without any external intervention.

    Target Users

    The main users for this application are cloud administrators and business managers.



    Information Architecture, Wireframes and Mockups

    Before wireframing began, I developed a visualization of our project’s information architecture in collaboration with the SD-WAN CloudOps engineering Team. The diagram served as the foundation for the low fidelity wireframes, and ultimately the hi-fi mockup using Sketch and InVision.


    The application was designed using the Cisco Cohesion Design System to help create seamless and cohesive end-to-end experiences across the SD-WAN application suite.

    A hierarchical overview and scope of the site to identify the flow of the user’s journey.


    Here are a few sample pages of the proposed design, which was ultimately approved by the SD-WAN CloudOps, SRE teams and respective stakeholders.


    • The application was released in October 2020.
    • The application is part of the SD-WAN suite offering
    • SSP has evolved to be part of the Cisco SD-WANaaS offering