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Cloud Cost Analysis Application

Aimed to provide cloud usage, cost reports, and recommendations to reduce cost. The app also allows enforcement of policies, or to take action on resources in order to optimize cost, based on usage and requirements.


The Cloud Cost Analysis Application was created to address the increase in cloud-based development, and the obvious need to control and manage cloud usage and cost.

It became important for engineering teams be aware of their cloud usage, the associated cost, and then implementing best practices to keep the cost under control. Lastly, it  was also important to mandate  specific cost control measures when needed.

Target Users

The main users for this application are cloud administrators and business managers.



Information Architecture, Wireframes and Mockups

Before wireframing began, I developed a visualization of our project’s information architecture in collaboration with the SD-WAN CloudOps engineering Team. The diagram served as the foundation for the low fidelity wireframes, and ultimately the hi-fi mockup using Sketch and InVision.


The application was designed using Cisco Cohesion Design System to help create seamless and cohesive end-to-end experiences across the SD-WAN application suite.

A hierarchical overview of the site structure, to identify the flow of the user’s journey.


Here are a few sample pages of the proposed design, which was ultimately approved by the SD-WAN CloudOps and SRE teams and respective stakeholders.


  • The application was released in Feb 2021.
  • The application is part of the SD-WAN suite offering